Matchstick Boutique

Matchstick Boutique was founded by designer and entrepreneur, Tamara Hackett, and acquired by Very Serious Co. (Adam & Leanne) in the Fall of 2022.

After almost a decade of personal and professional creative pursuits, Tamara dove in to the world of matches because of the love of a simple, beautiful product that she believes has a significance beyond its function. This fit in perfectly with the values of Very Serious Co. and only seemed fitting to add into our portfolio of brands.

The match itself is a symbol. An anchor. A real-time-sensory filled moment of acceptance. The intention was to honour the light and dark (good/bad/happy/sad) moments of our life.

Matchstick Boutique offers high quality, non-toxic, sulphur free, coloured safety matches made of Aspen wood. All our wooden matches are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Strike paper is out of view on the bottom of the jar. 

Our manufacturing partners are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative which ensures the products are socially and ecologically responsible.

Our team designs all labels in-house and prints locally to support fellow small businesses in our area.

Each jar is also labeled by hand and inspected for quality control before each jar gets packed with care.